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Aluminium Door - 10AD5670

Aluminium Door - 10AD5670
Aluminium Door - 10AD5670

Main features of the Aluminum Door:

• Double shielding 1mm thick of electro-galvanized sheet metal.
• Two 8mm heavy duty aluminum hinges with a 12mm stainless steel pin with vertical adjustment and bearings.
• Fourteen (14) lock points with ten (10) movable and four (4) fixed points.
• Integral stainless steel blade with all locking mechanisms of the lock with the possibility of direct and easy removal from the door when it is needed for any reason.
• Reinforcement with integral stainless steel blade in response to locks on the frame.
• Sound insulation and thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene.
• For a fully insulated heat-insulated door is also available with a 34mm polyamide heat-shrinking system.
• Foamed ABDM rubber rim around the door for ultimate waterproofing.
• Mechanically adjustable air damper.
• Inside shielding case with galvanized 1.5mm thick sheet metal.
• The partial opening of the armored door hinges on a stainless steel blade.
• The equipment includes a standard shutter and optionally a special threshold for complete waterproofing of the rainwater.
• Aluminum (traditional, pressed and modern), wood and safety glass in a huge variety of colors and designs.
• Possibility of birch frame-frame and frame-sheet, inside and outside the door if it has a thermal break.

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